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This is the last of three sections of the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM: three lessons from Lesson 8 to Lesson 10.

You will learn how to make ADJECTIVE-based sentences, and how to ask and answer questions using these sentences. Conversational topics include: talking about pains, physical conditions, likes & dislikes, how to ask for descriptions, how to ask for impressions, and how to respond to statements.

In the final lesson, you will review the topics of grammar and themes of conversation you learned in the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM. You will also learn about VERB conjugation and how to talk about abilities.

Who this course is for:
MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM is the most suitable for those who want to make a good start of learning Japanese without wasting time, effort, and money. The results are guaranteed if you obediently follow instructions
It is suitable for anybody who wants to achieve creative speech and writing ability that reflects intelligence.
It is also suitable for those who already have studied Japanese and gave up learning or need better and more precise explanations about Japanese grammar concerning ADJECTIVES and the VERB conjugation from “DICTIONARY FORM” to “ますFORM.”


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