Japanese for beginners based on MISJ (Version 2)

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The most effective, efficient, and enjoyable way to learn Japanese. The most suitable for total beginners and the people who are looking for a better solution. The results are guaranteed if you positively participate in the lesson and obediently follow instructions.

This course is the package of the second version of the “Japanese language course for beginners based on MISJ,” “MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM Section 2,” and “Section 3,” which had been released for Udemy from 2018 to March 2021. Three thousand people from 97 countries had purchased this course, and the review rate had always been higher than 4.5 stars. You can experience the semi-private lesson of the most experienced Japanese language instructor, Ms. Mikiko Iwasaki, the founder of the MISJ.

For the details, please watch the promotion video and the video lessons open to the public. There you can see and check what and how you can learn Japanese with this course beforehand and can see the image of how much you can achieve.

The differences between version 1 & 2

1. You can more clearly see how to study and what you should do to get the expected results for sure.

2. In some lessons, activities are improved to make them more suitable for video lessons.

3. At the end of each lesson, you can get the whole package of the review materials, such as the review book, reading material (from Lesson 3), and correspondent sound material.

4. At the end of each lesson, you can check your understanding by trying quizzes.

Who this course is for:
MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM is the most suitable for those who want to make a good start of learning Japanese without wasting time, effort, and money. The results are guaranteed if you obediently follow instructions.
It is suitable for anybody who wants to achieve creative speech and writing ability that reflects intelligence.
It is also suitable for those who already have studied Japanese and gave up learning or need better and more precise explanations about Japanese grammar concerning especially PARTICLE and ADJECTIVE usages and VERB conjugation from “DICTIONARY FORM” to “ますFORM.”


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