FREE Live Online Training – “Live Online Training-Time Management for Professionals”

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We keep on saying that ‘time is our most valuable resource’, but in reality, most of us are always in a rush. Whether it is your professional or personal life, managing time is one of the most important aspects of productivity.

For programmers, time management can be a game-changer for both aspects i.e. writing code & managing projects. In order to train you for project management, we have organized this live workshop on 7th August 2021 for FREE!!

Conducted by one of our co-founders of Eduonix Learning Solutions,  Mr. Sushant Das, this live training will help you understand Time management, Deep work, Long term goals planning, Time management strategies & Time management tools.

In this workshop you’ll get:
One on one interaction with the instructor
60 Minutes of Immersive Training
Enriching Live Session with Practical Insights
Real-Time Guidance & Support from the Instructor
Live discussion of all your doubts & queries

Take advantage of the live Q&A with the instructor where you can clear all your confusion related to Time Management.


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