Feel Good Gut Foundations

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The Feel Good Gut Foundations course provides foundational education on gut health for better digestion, IBS management, increased energy, and immune health. As a seasoned Health, Life & Nutrition Coach specializing in gut health, I’ve integrated the most powerful foundational insights from my clients’ experiences, my own personal experience of gut healing, and the most cutting-edge nutrition and health science research on gut health.

This course was designed using a holistic health framework, providing content in 3 areas: Mind, Body & Wellness.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • the symptoms and causes of poor gut health
  • how to identify your own indicators and causal factors for increased body awareness
  • the impacts of mindset, mental and emotional stress on the gut
  • the impacts of biochemical stress on the gut
  • the basics of nutrition for gut health
  • hormonal and neural impacts on gut health
  • holistic approaches to gut healing
  • how to successfully begin practicing simple and actionable gut health habits

Awareness of the importance of gut health is increasing, but many are left confused as to where to start with creating a lifestyle to support optimal gut health. By taking this course, you’ll be able to better understand your unique health needs. Additionally, I’ve provided curated action guides so you can begin making changes for better gut health, while taking this course.

Bonus content upon completion of the course includes a FREE Feel Good Gut Guide, detailing the What, When, Why & How to Feeling Good in Your Gut, as well as a FREE hour of personal coaching, during a complimentary Clarity Chat.

I am honored to provide detailed instruction within this foundational course, and look forward to seeing your comments! Click the enroll button now to begin.

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