Beginner’s Jumpstart Guide to Afinity Publisher

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Affinity Publisher gives you all the tools you need to easily mix your images, graphics and text to create beautiful layouts.

It will allow you to create ready to print books, magazines or brochures, but also social media templates, website mock-ups and so much more.

Publisher lets you control virtually any aspect of your projects. You can:

  • create advanced layouts – with live master pages, advanced text and image frames and custom tables
  • use flexible text tools – like text styles, text on a path, artistic text and more
  • manage graphic assets – link and embed images, icons or vector files, place files like PSD’s, AI’s, PDF’s, TIFF’s etc.
  • collect resources – gather all assets that you used in the project and organize them in one, easily exportable folder

These are just some of the Publisher’s features that will allow you to create fantastic, ready to publish layouts. And you will learn all about them from this book.

First, you will learn how to use Publisher’s interface:

  • how to use the toolbar and the context toolbar
  • what’s a Studio and how to customize it
  • the best practices when using the program’s interface

To get started you will discover how to work with documents:

  • how to create and setup new documents
  • how to use document templates

Next, we will start working with pages. You will learn

  • how to add and edit pages and how to organize them
  • how to set up spreads
  • and how to work with master pages

In any desktop publishing program working with text plays a major role. That’s why you will learn how to add and manage text in Publisher:

  • how to add and manage artistic and frame text
  • how to use the most important text panels: the Character and Paragraph panels
  • how to create text styles for faster text design manipulations
  • how to add text on custom paths and inside shapes

Vast majority of your print project will include some kind of external assets, like documents, graphics and images. That’s why next you will learn:

  • how to place documents and images
  • how to crop the images using picture frames
  • and how to manage all of your resources gathered within one document

Lastly we will take a look at

  • how to export and save your documents
  • and how to check them before exporting, using the Preflight feature

By the end of this course you should be able to start working with Affinity Publisher independently.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Affinity Publisher users interested in desktop publishing

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