The Startup Masterclass – For Every New Entrepreneur

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The Startup Masterclass is finally here!

In this startup masterclass, the course brings the basic ideas of starting a startup, and why you should consider starting a startup. This course is brought to you with my 4+ years in running startups, serving over 100,000+ customers, and creating ventures that can run on its own. This course will bring you an extraordinary approach to running startups, and a different course from the general courses out there.

The following are going to covered by the course,

  • Finding your passion and Identifying whether the startups are for you?
  • Building your startup (Have the idea, Know the market, Make the documents)
  • Get funded by Investors (Pitch the Idea, Which kind of Investors you want to work with?)
  • Legal aspects & accounting of startups
  • Marketing, and getting the very first customers
  • Co-Founders & Company Growth
  • Startup Exits

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is starting up or wants to become an entrepreneur
  • Anyone who wants to create a successful company

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