ExpiredSuper Fun Ukulele Lessons for Kids | Mr. Uku and Friends

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This course is all about getting to know the ukulele, falling in love with the instrument, and learning its basics in a fun and creative way.

Our objectives are:

Familiarizing with the ukulele

Identifying the parts of the ukulele

Proper posture and effective ways of pressing the strings

Basic downward strumming

Basic musical timing (steady beat)

Playing the C – F – G Chords

Chord chart reading

Playing 11 different children’s songs, plus creating your own song.

Encouraging the habit of practicing playing an instrument

Building self confidence

Having fun!

Table of Contents

Episode 1 – Meeting Mr. Uku

Episode 2 – Parts of the Ukulele

Episode 3 – The Story of the Ukulele

Episode 4 – Strings and Frets Challenge

Episode 5 – Learning the Steady Beat

Episode 6 – Applying the Steady Beat on the Ukulele

Episode 7 – Which One is the Ukulele?

Episode 8 – The C Chord Chart

Episode 9 – Fun C Chord Challenge

Episode 10 – Reviewing and Playing the C Chord

Episode 11 – Finding the C Chord Chart

Episode 12 – The F Chord

Episode 13 – Creating Your Own Song Using C and F Chord

Episode 14 – The G Chord

Episode 15 – The G Chord Challenge

Episode 16 – The Concert Day

Who this course is for:
Children of all ages and the young at heart


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