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Have you ever felt embarrassed because you made a language mistake during a conversation or an important meeting ?

Do you feel confused or uncomfortable when you have to speak in public ?

Have you ever failed in striking a deal, in a job interview, or in a relation, or lost the opportunity of getting a promotion because you couldn’t choose the right, suitable words for the situation ?


Whether you are still studying, a professional in your field, or even anyone with many ideas and views to be presented and discussed, we are here for you, we will teach you how to contain your worries and concerns, deal with them, and not allow the negative labels to be an obstacle on your way.


What did students say about this course?

“I started since days, I feel like I was born again and I started to get rid of anxiety and shyness greatly, it is most fantastic.” – Jim Steve

“I feel very strongly pushing me forward, you freed me from the stress, Khaldoon. Thank you.” – Charlie DON

“I am extremely thankful to Khaldoon for this excellent course and I find it very valuable in my journey to excellence.” – Gil Cameron

“I thought my problem was difficult, but it is not!

It was absolutely an inspiring and wonderful lecture.” – Bill Jensen

“Super Course! Thank you khaldoon, you have inspired me and encouraged me to be free and confident, and that I am valuable in this world through my thoughts.” – Daniel Kiev

“I have gained valuable experience in Self confidence and communication skills, I recorded a lot of notes.

It is wonderful!” – William cooper

“Excellent, I liked everything especially the modeling strategy and brain programming on it. Thank you.” – Bujap Singh

“I feel now that I understand myself better, and I can apply what I learned.

Very Wonderful.” – David Mark

“This course is really cool, not long and not boring,

Easy and clear, well done.” – Cheryl Saliane

“The lecture was great, it helped me cope with my fears and feel confident in a short time, I recommend this course.” – Rocky Raul

“Excellent presentation and inspiring that I know will have a positive impact on my ability to speak to others.” – Wesley Pablo

“This course is great for anyone suffering from anxiety, stress, and shyness, as well as any junior speaker who is not unsure of himself. This course helped me how to practice speaking in an ideal way.” – Jesse Thomas


The ability to effectively communicate with your managers and colleagues is considered a very essential thing regardless of the field you are in. Communication skills have become a main thing in our time, especially at work; they can help you get the jobs, positions and raises and achieve the desired success in your career.

Developing your communication skills can help you in all your life aspects; whither in your career or your personal life and anything between them. The ability to deliver the information accurately and clearly in the desired way is an essential skill in life and is a thing that must not be neglected. We can say that it is not too late to work on developing your communication skills so that you can improve the quality of your life. The effective communication can help you especially if you are specialized in dealing and interacting with people.

The good ability of delivering your thoughts to the others and expressing what you want to say in an articulate way contribute greatly to the success of your relations with the others; which facilitates your success in many fields. Your good communication skills and your good performance in your job will help you promote, which can grant you the opportunity to represent your company at some seminars or important meetings. Besides, the people with good communication skills are usually the center of people’s attention and appraisal.

“Your courage in pursuing your passion and your confidence while speaking in front of people will attract them to you and will open for you the doors’ of life more than what you can imagine, the thing that will change your life and the lives of the others as well to the best.”

Why is this course ?!

This course is to help people who have problems with facing audience and strangers which makes them think that they are unqualified to make conversations or public speeches in front of strangers or audience and believe that it is better for them to stay alone and isolated to spare themselves the embarrassment.

This course is going to help those people raise their self confidence through reprogramming their thoughts towards positivity. That is besides teaching them helpful exercises that motivate the subconscious mind to get rid of the negative thoughts and beliefs about oneself which were accumulated throughout the years and replace them with better and more credible thoughts.

The course also helps in getting rid of the stress, anxiety, and fear of criticism by facing these negative feelings and putting smart strategies to deal with them .


In this course, I am going to share some of my best strategies with you to become more confident and to raise your ability of sharingy your thoughts. The greatest thing in this course is that you can finish it in one hour and that you can apply most of the strategies we discuss immediately; and you will definitely see amazing results, there is no doubt about that.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to expand his relations and enhance his self confidence.
Anyone who wants to improve the quality of his life style and take it to a better and a higher level.
Leaders, Managers and Business people
Students, Friends and Family


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