Sales and Relationship Management in Financial Services

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Sales is part of every job today, internal and external. This course will orient you on sales and relationship management, a very important aspect of business – one that going forward, will help you in your career. This serves as an introduction to sales, relationship management and the importance of both in banking and services.

This course covers the following topics, in three sections. First, an introduction to the importance of sales and relationship management is given. Then, covering the Sales aspect:

1. Sales? A Definition and the Truth
2. Where Do You Fit In?
3. The Right Mindset / The Right Skills
4. Your Unique Selling Position
5. Analyzing Your Market Opportunity
6. Competitive Analysis
7. The Sales Process
8. Great Meetings
9. Closing (Options, Pricing)
10. Success Principles
11. Success Metrics
12. Recap
Finally, covering the Relationship Management aspect:

1. What’s Relationship Management?
2. The New Truth
3. Why is it important?
4. Relevance to banking
5. Internal and external importance
6. Principals of building positive relationships
7. Steps to the process
8. Principals to managing negative relationships
9. Steps to the process
10. Relationship Best Practices

Who this course is for:

  • All levels of audience are encouraged to participate in this course.

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