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The Reducing Waste and Streamlining Value Flow Using Lean course is part of the Lean for Business Organizations program which includes the following 6 sections:

1. Introduction to Lean for Service and Manufacturing,

2. Using Lean for Perfection and Quality,

3. Lean Tools and Techniques for Flow and Pull,

4. Reducing Waste and Streamlining Value Flow Using Lean,

5. Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business, and

6. Applying Lean in Service and Manufacturing Organizations

Reducing Waste and Streamlining Value Flow Using Lean

For your business to be the best it can be, you need to eliminate what doesn’t work and improve what does. In Lean thinking, this translates to reducing or eliminating waste and improving the flow of production. This course introduces approaches you can use to do just that, in both the manufacturing and service environments.

Before you can reduce waste, you need to recognize where and how it’s occurring.

In the course on Reducing Waste and Streamlining Value Flow Using Lean, you’ll learn how to do this by determining which of your company’s activities add value and which don’t.

Once you’ve categorized activities, you can search for ways to eliminate those that don’t add value or, if they’re required, to minimize the resources spent on them. And for activities that do add value, you can find ways to optimize this value.

Next you’ll learn about the different forms of waste that you find in a business and the typical causes of each type of waste.

You’ll also learn various strategies for minimizing or eliminating each of the waste types.

This course also explains the concept of continuous flow, which depends on the removal of obstacles and bottlenecks in work processes. You’ll learn how to balance work processes to enhance flow, with the aim of producing what’s needed, when it’s needed, in the quantities required.

Using the strategies outlined in this course can improve the efficiency of your business, moving its processes closer to perfection.

That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button and see you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who have responsibility for reducing costs and waste, and improving efficiency and customer value at the organizational or departmental level

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