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Welcome to the learn Udemy Python Bootcamp: Go Beginner to Expert in Python3!

This is the most comprehensive, straight-forward, course for the Python programming language on Udemy! Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you In this course we will teach you Python 3.

If you want to learn Udemy Python tutorial for beginners Python is the most in-demand language. It is used for Data Science, Machine Learning Python, Python Django, NLP (Natural language processing), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Mining, GUI-Based Desktop Programs, Develop Games and 3D Graphics With Python and Network Programming. So this course is best for your to shine your Skills in python. Take this course and learn everything that you need to learn in python.

Please Read Curriculum Before Taking The Course:

Run a Basic Syntax with Complete Understanding on Print Function

Variables & multiple assignments of variable

Variable Declaration

Reassigning Variables

Swap variables

Scope Variable

The Assert Statement


Data Types In Major Concept

What is Len Function in String

Arithmetic Operator

Assignment Operator

Comparison Operators

Equal/Not Equals Operators

Logical Operators

Is and Isnot

Inverting boolean

Bitwise Operators

If Statements

Else Statements

Elif Statements

Nested If Else Statement

For loop

while loop

Break, Continue, and Pass Statement

Nested Loop

Loops With Else block of Code

Fibonacci Series i

What is Function and How to Define a function

Calling a function

Function arguments and Return Vs Print

Nested Functions

What is Module

Regular Indexes

Negative Indexes


list slice

Remove the Character of the index value

dictionary append

String Format Method

String Indexing and Slicing

Dictionary methods


Max character

Taking a User Input


Change List Item Value

Mutable List

How to write list Literally vs Programmatically

Check if Item exists in list


Access Tuple Item

Delete Tuple

Iterating Lists

Indexing and Slicing on Tuples

Using list as a Stack

Using List as a Queue

Growing Lists (Shuffle List & Concatenation )


Updating a Dictionary

Concatenate two Dictionaries

Sort a Dictionary

Delete Dictionary Elements

Length of a Dictionary

Key exists in Dictionary

Introduction to Sets

Convert dictionary into a list

Using Pop Method delete Item From the dictionary

Tree in Python

Nested Loop Using List

Introduction to Exceptions

Handling Exceptions

Raising Exceptions

Try Except and Finally

Breaking Math operation and use ZeroDivisionError

Introduction To OOP and Key of OOP

Classes and Objects


Initializing the Object

Run a Simple Empty Class Example

instance method with classes and object

Object Methods

Self Parameter

Delete Object and Property

Accessing Class Attributes from instances


Multiple Child Classes Inheritance

Multilevel Inheritance

Multiple Inheritance

Method Overriding



Data Abstraction

Setters and Getters

Super Keyword

Lambda Function

Dictionary Comprehension




Database Sqlite:

Creating a Database and Connection

Create Table

Insert Operation

READ Operation

Update Operation

DELETE Operation



Install MongoDB

Overview on Creating Database in CMD


Create Collection

Insert Document

Find Operation


Update Operation

Delete Operation

limit Operation

Drop The Collection

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