PowerBI Zero to Hero

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Hello & Welcome to this Microsoft Power BI course. If you’re trying to quickly master the most suitable tool for connecting, transforming, visualising, and analysing your Data, you are in the right place. We will take you from zero to hero, through our practical learning approach, and will quickly get you up running & building analytical solutions for your organisation.

My name is Abdelkarim M. MAHMOUD, and I am a Power BI certified Consultant. I have spent the last years empowering different type of organizations by helping them gain performance and competitivity through their Data. I had the chance and the pleasure to train dozens of teams from simple Power BI users to Chief Data Officers. I am here today to put all my expertise at your disposal in a simple and practical way.

This in-depth training strikes the perfect balance between theory and practice, several PowerBI use cases are covered to allow you to get the most value from your data. Here’s what we’re gonna dive into :

Introduction – What is Power BI ?

More reasons to use Power BI ESPECIALLY if you use excel

Resources & Course Structure

Quick tour & Interface overview

Chapter 1 – Extract, Load, and Transform Data in Power Query

Power Query, Connecting to a Database and Data Types


Removing & Ordering Columns

Conditional Columns

Connecting to a folder as a Data Source

Combining Data

Dealing with less structured data

Fixing Errors

Chapter 2 – Data Modeling ?

Tables and Relationships

BEST PRACTICE : Dimensional Modeling & Star Schemas

BEST PRACTICE : Optimising The model for Development Time

Chapter 3 – DAX for Data Analysis Expressions


Using Measures to create Calculations and KPIs

Comparing this year’s Value to last year’s value

Year over Year Varience, and Waterfall Charts

Year to Date with DAX

Chapter 4 – Data Vizualisation

Why Data Visualisation Really Matters

Pie Chart and Treemap


Filtering and TopN

Dual-Axis (Combo) Chart

Advances Visual Analytics Pane – Trends, Targets, Forecasts and more

Artificial Intelligence: Decomposition Tree, Q&A and Key Influencers


MAPS and Dynamic Coloring !

Fancy Tables

Chapter 5 – Power BI Service

Sharing and Collaboration in Power BI

How to Publish a report to the Power BI service

Deep Dive into the Power BI service

Who this course is for:
Excel users wishing to switch to Power BI or interested by a more powerful tool
Business and data analysts
Young managers, future managers and MBA students
people looking to start or to switch to a data career


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