Positive Thinking Blueprint for Optimism,Success & Happiness

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There has never been such an urgent and crucial need for positivity and optimism in our lifetimes as it is TODAY !

This course about positive thinking will set you free from self-inflicted mental troubles.

This may seems like a big claim. Yes it is. Why am I making this claim? I have been studying positivity and happiness for past ten years. And this course is the result of all the research, observations and personal experiences accumulated during all those years.

Let me ask you a few critical questions:

Do you catch yourself in a spiral of negative thoughts most of the time?

Are you in the habit of expecting the worst instead of the best?

Are you afraid of what would happen in future, in your job, in your relationships?

Do you constantly beat yourself up for your tiny mistakes?

Are you so miserably afraid of failure that you don’t take any initiative?

Are you always worried about what people think about you?

Do regret and worry drain all your energy and ambition?

Do you feel victimized, but don’t know what to do except complaining about it?

Do you constantly compare yourself with people around you and hate yourself for not being good enough?

If any one of the above questions resonates with you, then this course is probably for you.

This course on positive thinking will transform you into an optimistic, happy and growth-mindset person. It will prepare you to overcome life’s challenges with courage, self-belief and resilience.

‘Positive Thinking Blueprint’ is a most comprehensive yet compact course on Positivity and Happiness. It will change your perspective about your life circumstances and take your mindset to a whole new level.

You will receive following exercises, assignments and challenges within the course:

An exercise to create mental triggers that will remind you whenever negative thoughts come in your mind.

A challenge to limit the exposure to toxic and negative information

An exercise to become more calm and self aware

An exercise upgrade your self-image

A challenge to get rid of negative influences

An assignment to identify limiting beliefs and create empowering alternates

A visualization exercise to manifest the desired results

A simple practice to increase your level of awareness

A 3-days forgiveness challenge

A self-love mantra

The daily gratitude practice

An exercise to radiate loving energy

A practice of daily affirmations

A simple meditation exercise

A challenge for ten days of mental/emotional fasting

You will also get my personal daily affirmation practice

So all in all you will get:

Video lectures




Course Workbook (70+ page workbook containing summary of each lecture, complete exercises & assignments)

Special Access to a private Facebook community (Positivity Tribe)

Why should you take this course?

Everyone says think positive, but no one tells how: How to overcome the deeply-rooted habit of negative thinking. We are going to find out HOW.

This course is not just about thinking positive, it is about shifting whole perspective of life, because the only way to truly be in control of your life is to be in control of your thoughts. To achieve that purpose, we have a lot of resources for you in the form of challenges, exercises, assignments, stories and examples to help you get the most out of this program. The challenges will push you beyond your comfort zone and the exercises will help you understand your mental models, beliefs and perspectives that run your life even without you knowing about them.

Who this course is for:
It is for those who are unable to control their constant mental chatter, and want a way to control their thoughts
This course is for those people who are overly critical of themselves and too self-conscious
This course is for all those who think that they deserve much better in life, those who believe that they can become much better, achieve much more and live much happier lives than they currently are
It is for those who understand the power of their minds and want to re-program it to live a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life
People who get upset by little troubles of everyday life and feel trapped in the habit of constant worry
It is for those who want to develop healthy and nourishing relationships with people in their personal, professional and social life
Those who are unable to forgive themselves & others for past mistakes, hurts or tragedies
It is best suitable for those who want to live a happy, peaceful and joyous life in spite of challenges and problems
People who constantly beat themselves up for tiny mistakes
People who are afraid about their future, career or relationships
People who are in the habit of expecting the worst most of the time
People who are miserably afraid of failure that they can’t take any initiative at all
People who feel victimized, but don’t know what to do except complaining about it
People who constantly compare themselves with others and hate themselves for not being good enough
This course is for all those who want to take control of their own thinking, emotions, moods and ultimately control their own lives



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