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Do you know what is the biggest threat in Cybersecurity? The humans, it so obvious. It’s all of us. The majority of security britches are actually being driven thru social engineering and human interaction. Because we individually and collectively, just not taking cybersecurity seriously. We don’t know how prevent the risks, the threats and vulnerabilities that exists in our behaviors and habits. We don’t have enough knowledge and training. We don’t teach ourselves to behave correctly when we use computers and electronic devices.

We must be aware of the correct simple things we need to do. Like best practices and general cybersecurity simple rules. And when we don’t do this, we open widely our doors for unauthorized access to our personal information to anyone. If we just know how to not do silly things and doing things that can lead to compromise. We all going to be more secured.

This what our course is about. We will show how easy it is, to follow just a few simple cybersecurity practices. That will keep your personal information safe from unauthorized access and will keep you away from troubles.

The purpose of this course is to help you understand how to protect the personal data, you have recorded on your computers, laptops and mobile devices. You will understand what the best practices are. How simple it is to secure your devices. And how this can prevent attacks and make your devices more secure.

You will learn what is Social Engineering and how the hackers are using it. Why you must keep your software always updated. What is the advantage to use strong passwords and password managers? You will understand why it’s important to enable 2FA/MFA for all your accounts. Also, what is device encryption, why you need it and how it protects you. Why you should avoid using public WiFi and how VPN can protect you.

Why you must use antivirus software, from what attacks it can protect you. How be cautious and how to prevent data breaches of your personal data and identity.

We will explain you what Malware is and its types:

– Trojan Horse

– Adware

– Spyware

– Browser Hijacking

– Virus

– Worms

– Scareware

You will learn how to recognize fishing emails, how to browse safely, and communicating securely.

At the end of the course you will know how to protect your electronic devices. You know the meaning of the main cybersecurity threats and terminology and how to recognize them.

We have created course for everyone who is some kind electronic device, use internet and wants to protect his personal data or learn more about the Cybersecurity threat.

The terminology is simply explained with interactive professional videos and examples.

Don’t wait, take this course and educate yourself. Educating yourself and others — is by far the most effective defense you can do against all faces of Cyber-attacks.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who is using electronic devices like computers, laptops and mobile phones.
  • Everyone who wants to know how to protect his personal data.

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