ExpiredOutsource Mastery: How To Earn More Money By Doing Less Work

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This course will cover the NUMBER ONE most valuable skill in all of internet marketing. In fact, this skill is the foundation of ALL successful businesses since time began.

And that skill is… Delegation. (AKA – outsourcing)

When you know how to outsource systems, processes and tasks within your business, generating more revenue and profits becomes much MUCH easier.

Not only that, it will make you feel less overwhelmed. Less stressed out. It will mean you will have a lot more free time, allowing you to put other ideas you have into action… or to pursue other interests outside of business.

In other words, it will make you a happier person.

Why? Because writing small checks which turn into larger checks, whilst having more free time, is a recipe for happiness.

Outsourcing is something that we do ourselves (we have 50 full-time people around the world) and it is something that will help you greatly no matter what business model you are pursuing (or want to pursue), whether that be..

Blogging or publishing
Affiliate Marketing
Selling Information Products
Running E-commerce Stores
Selling Software
Offering Professional Services
…or anything else.

Of course, you may imagine that getting other people to do work for you is expensive.

But it isn’t when you know how to do it properly.

In fact, like anything else, it’s a real art (even though it may not seem like it).

And that is what this course is about – teaching you to MASTER THE ART OF OUTSOURCING – and how to use these new skills to blast through roadblocks and bottlenecks in your business by getting OTHER PEOPLE to do tasks that you either don’t want to do or don’t have the time or ability to do yourself.

If you already have a business, we’ll show you how to grow it.
If you are just starting your business, we will teach you how to build new income streams with a focus on outsourcing.
In fact, we will also give you three potential business models you can follow.
Course material includes:

How to plan and implement your outsourcing strategy
What you should and should not outsource
Where to find and how to hire quality freelancers
How to manage your freelancers effectively
How to scale the number of people working for you as you grow your business
Templates and examples, mindmaps and other valuable downloadable information
In our 25+ lectures, you will learn:

Introduction to Outsourcing

What is outsourcing, and how can it benefit your business?
How we have used outsourcing to grow our business
How to plan out and implement your outsourcing strategy.
Advantages to Outsourcing

Getting things done FAST and true 24/7 operating hours
Your ability to easily hire expert skills to get tasks done better and faster than you yourself could ever do.
You can focus on core activities that grow your business and make you MONEY
Automate certain portions of your business
Time freedom
Real-world Examples of What We Have Outsourced

Software development
eCommerce projects
Web design and overhaul of our company’s Member’s area
Outsourcing Objections

We answer certain objections to outsourcing, such as:
Spending money: We show how this is not the case, and how not hiring freelancers will cost you money in the long run
Not being in control: This is more of a psychological issue. If you wish to grow your business, you must let other people manage some of your daily tasks
Privacy & Security: There are certain sensitive tasks you would never want to outsource, and we will teach you what these are
Communication issues: Making sure that you work with someone who you can effectively communicate with is part of the hiring process. We will show you the best and most effective methods, and how to write instructions clearly.
How to Build a Business Around Outsourcing

Along with our lecture on the specific business models, we have mindmaps and documents on how to build these businesses through outsourcing
Effective Outsourcing Strategies

Determine what tasks you can outsource: Written content, graphic design, social media management, general marketing and promotions, software creation
What you should not outsource: Areas that require security such as Paypal, email marketing platforms, domain name and web hosting accounts
Check certain platforms that allow limited access, such as WordPress accounts, Amazon Seller Central, Google Analytics, etc
Strategies for working full time and working part-time on your business
How to Identify and plan tasks to be outsourced
Create your own outsourcing strategy mindmap
Finding High-Quality Freelancers

Key outsourcing platforms and how to use them
Job posting overview and interviewing potential candidates
How to write and post your job title and description
How to select candidates
Pricing your job
Evaluating Freelancers

Individual freelancers versus agencies and firms
Country of origin versus job type
How to evaluate their expertise
Filtering proposals and candidates
Freelancer red flags and what to avoid
The post-hiring process and how to write and communicate clear instructions
Our time-tested freelancer testing strategy for new hires
Managing Your Freelancers Effectively

The basics of managing your workers
How to manage without micromanaging
An overview of the best management tools to use
Responding to low quality work and solving issues
What to do before firing a freelancer
Scaling Your Outsourcing as Your Business Grows

The basics of scaling and how to do it responsibly
Avoiding scaling pitfalls that could squeeze your bottom-line
When to scale
How to effectively scale
Expanding your “outsource force”
How to turn your trusted freelancers into managers in your business
Hiring freelancers as your employees and getting them off outsourcing platforms
Knowing your “end-game” in your business to properly scale
Who this course is for:

Business owners and students who may be intimidated with hiring other people for the very first time

Business owners who wish to learn the basics of outsourcing and how to scale as their business grows

Students and 9-5 workers just dipping their toes into the powerful world of online businesses and dream of the freedom of working from home and setting their own hours. Outsourcing is essential to achieve this!

Who this course is for:
Online business owners wishing to grow their business


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