ExpiredMontessori Education Teaching Methods – Essentials Concepts

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The objective of this course is to help all elders whether parents or teachers for Montessori teaching. Montessori teaching methods are very helpful for young children. These methods allows young learners to reflect one self and in some cases work independently. This course will help you to explore and discover the world like a child do. It will help you to understand the child emotionally and physically. This course will guide you to help your child develop sense of empathy and independence. In this course you will learn about different Montessori Groups and their Exercises.

This course features the main points of official courses on Montessori Teachers Training (such as London School of Montessori Teaching Certification). Some of the important areas are:

  • Maria Montessori Life History
  • Importance and Effects of Early Childhood Education
  • Goal of Montessori Method
  • Five Curriculum Areas
  • Prepared Environment
  • Exercises of Practical Life(EPL)
  • Sensorial Education
  • Importance Of Language In Montessori System
  • Exercises of Mathematics
  • Introduction to Cultural Work (Music & Arts, Science, History and Geography)

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Who this course is for:

  • Parents
  • Beginner who are interested in Montessori Education Teaching
  • All Pre-school Teachers

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