Mindfulness for Parents with MRS JOY

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Mindfulness For Parents is designed to support you to discover:

-What is Mindfulness and how it can help you and your family

-The 3 Pillars of Mindfulness

-How to bring Mindfulness into your daily activities

-How to practice Mindfulness with your child – or kids, if you have more than one

– How to develop more concentration

– How to increase kindness, self-compassion and wellbeing to your life and in the lives of the ones you love and care.

And much more.

In this life-changing course, designed in podcast format with 10 relaxing and uplifting lessons, you will also discover more than 10 science-based reasons why you should bring Meditation to your daily life, that is one of the pillars of Mindfulness.

You will also have several practical activities and guided meditations to increase acceptance, self-love and self-compassion.

In each lesson, you will find additional resources in your Gold Nuggets Box, like the transcript of your lessons to read anywhere or to follow together with your video or mp3, that we created for you.

We recommend that you listen all your lessons with a headphone, so you can have more concentration and focus.

If you follow the course through the video, you can use the speed tool to accelerate the video. But just use it if you are really rushing with your time. The idea with this Mindfulness course is to help you to slow down and come back to the present moment.

So, try to find a quiet time every day to conclude your course in 10 days. The lessons flow from 4 minutes to maximum 12 minutes, to make everything easier for you to learn with efficiency.

So, let’s do it together. It’s time to live with less stress and more wellbeing.

You and your whole family will benefit from Mindfulness From Parents.

Be committed to make your course until the end and send us your comments and review, telling us how you feel, after each lesson. We want to celebrate your shifts and personal growth with you.

Bonus 1: With the conclusion of your course, you will receive a Joyful Minds Certificate to add to your curriculum and benefit more people in your community.

Bonus 2: You will receive a special gift to keep you inspired to thrive and make your dreams come true.

Thank you to be with us and to be part of our Community of Joyful Minds.

Let’s go together… to increase your wellbeing.

Make it Shine and Be Your Best.


Mrs Joy

Founder of Joyful Minds Training, Wellbeing Time Meditation Technology,

Wellbeing Time USA Store and Mrs Joy’s Academy

The World’s Best Online Self-Development Academy for Wellbeing & Mental Health,

High Performance & Success, Meditation & Mindfulness.

Who this course is for:

    • Mindfulness for Parents is design to help all families around the world to live with more harmony, inner peace and with a powerful Joyful Mind!
    • This course is also beneficial for doctors, therapists, coaches, school teachers, counsellors, social entrepreneurs and mental health practitioners.
    • Mindfulness for Parents brings self-regulation secrets in an effective and easy way to learn, to understand and to bring into your routine.
    • You will discover how It feels good to feel good! Start now. I see you on the other side!

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