Migrating to Qt 6

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This course is designed give experienced developers a first hand look at code changes from Qt 5 to Qt 6 and what you can expect when attempting to migrate to Qt 6. This course is not for the beginner, and is hyper focused on code migration issues.

I took all the Qt code I have written to date, and ran the projects through a series of automated tests – this is literally hundreds of projects ranging in complexity of “hello world” all the way to multi-threaded servers, and collected 20 real world examples we will dive into. We will cover how to examine code, review failures to compile along with cover backwards compatibility.

The code used in migration testing was imported in the previous Qt 5 courses:

  • QT 5 Core beginners with C++
  • QT 5 Core intermediate with C++
  • QT 5 Core advanced with C++
  • QT 5 Widgets for beginners C++
  • QML for beginners with Qt 5
  • QT 5 Design Patterns

Testing each project using the following pattern:

  • Running the code in Qt 5
  • Converting the project to CMake
  • Running and fixing the code in Qt 6
  • Check with official documentation as needed

This course expects the developer to have a solid understanding of Qt, QML, Widgets and C++ before enrolling.

We will also cover some basics of CMake, including some troubleshooting steps for when your project won’t load or fails to compile.

CMake templates also included.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers migrating from Qt 5 to Qt 6
  • Qt Developers
  • C++ Developers

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