ExpiredMicrosoft Excel : Complete Excel for Absolute Beginners

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This course was designed for all who do not have any background but want to learn Excel very well and do professional and real-world projects. So you will learn Excel from very basic concepts professional concepts, functions and formulas. In this course, the approach is simple: learning useful and practical techniques and tools. So we avoid wasting our time on useless concepts which are not used in real projects. This course teaches you every dimension of Excel in which you learn how to use special methods, codes and tricks to have write complex codes with least codes and finally create professional programs, apps and games. Generally, some of the topics and concepts you learn in this course are as the following:

· Create Functions

· Create Formulas

· If, VLOOKUP and other Essential Functions

· Data Management

· Data Analysis

· Adjusting Worksheets

· Printing

· Formatting

· Create Pivot chart

· Create Pivot table

· Use Macros

· Secure your workbooks and Worksheets

· Financial formulas and functions

· And much more

Who this course is for:

  • People who don’t have any background on Excel
  • Those who are at beginner level and want to learn Excel and do their projects
  • People who want to do data management, data analysis and use special formulas and function of Excel in their projects
  • Marketers, managers, financial analysists who want to classify, analyze and forecast their data using Excel

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