Math Fundamentals Masterclass – Build a Solid Foundation

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Math is one of the most important skills you need to master in your life, it makes you smarter and enhance your problem solving skills, and mastering math starts with mastering the fundamentals.

I’m Ahmed and I will be your instructor throughout your journey of mastering all of the most important concepts of math fundamentals through engaging bit-sized video lessons, this course is for someone who is new to math and wants to start from the beginning, for anyone who wants to study advanced math like algebra or calculus and want a solid foundation of math fundamentals first, it’s also for middle and high school students, and actually it’s for anyone who wants to get back to math after being away from school for a while.

In this course we will start from the very basics of math and we will work our way through some advanced topics so here are the topics covered in this course

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Multiples and factors
  • Fractions
  • Mixed numbers
  • Decimals
  • Ratios, rates and proportions
  • Percents
  • Exponents
  • Radicals

This course is packed with content, it contains more than 85 lectures which have tons of quizzes and assignments along with their detailed solutions so that you can test what you’re learning and keep tracking of your progress.

This course is essential for anyone, it’s full of math you will use on a daily basis, so if either you wanna build a solid foundation of math that will make your life easier learning more advanced topics, or if you just want to brush up your basics after a long gap then this course is for you, with all that said I can’t wait to join you in this amazing journey of learning math.

Who this course is for:

    • anyone interested in refreshing his math knowledge by learning the basics
    • parents looking for helping their childern learning math
    • anyone who wants to perfect his math fundamentals so that he can prepare himself for more advanced math courses
    • middle school/junior high students, or students about to start middle school who are looking to get ahead

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