Master C++ Programming – From Beginner To Advance – 2021

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Master C++programming – From Beginner To Advance

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Concepts of C++ programming are made very simple and easy.

Course Highlights

Explained each topic with help of picture and example.
Practical Session for each Topic
2-Projects – ATM system & Student Management
Notes – ppt
100 MCQ’s
15 Assignments
Topics :
Introduction to Basics of Computer ( Beginners )
What is Computer ?
Computer Architecture
RAM – Random Access Memory
CPU – Central Processing Unit
Operating System
Computer Language
Basics of Computer Quiz
Introduction to Programming ( Mind Map )
What is Programming in general ?
Why we should learn C++ ?
What is C++ ?
What is Compiler and IDE ?
Quiz 2: Introduction to Programming Quiz
Compiler and IDE Setup
Best IDE’s For C++
Installing Visual Studio for C++
Installing Codeblocks for C++
Introducing Program Structure in C++ Program ( Mind map )
Main Function
Block and Semicolon
Writing First C++ Program
User Input and Output in C++ Program
Recap Program Structure Mind-map
Quiz 3:Program Structure Quiz
Data Types
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Logical Operator
Comparison Operator
Recap Important terminologies of C++ Programming ( Mind-map )
Quiz 4: Important terms Quiz
Introducing Important Terminologies in C++ Programming
Introduction Conditions in C++ Mind-map
Condition in C++
If Condition
If Else Condition
Else if Condition
Switch Case
Recap Conditions in C++ Mind-Map
Quiz 5:Condition in C++
Introducing String in C++ Programming Language ( Mind-map )
Why Strings are used in C++ ?
String concatenation
How to calculate string length ?
How to take string as input ?
Example on String
Recap String in C++ ( Mind-map )
Quiz 6: String Quiz
Introduction to Loops
What / why of Loop
For Loop
While Loop
Do While Loop
Break and Continue
Quiz 7: Loop Quiz
Why Array ?
What is Array ?
Creating , Initialize and Modify Array
Program of find Minimum no. in Array
Why Functions in C++?
Example Of Function
Function and Main Memory
Various Forms Of Function
What and Why Of Function Overloading?
1st Way Of Function Overloading
2nd Way Of Function Overloading
Drawback Of Function and inline Function
Quiz 8: Functions in C++
What and Why Of Structure
Define Structure in C++
Example of Structure
Nesting Of Structure
Structure padding
Quiz 9:Structure in C++ Quiz
Why Object Oriented Programming
Example of OOP
Key Note on Member Function and Member Variable
Access Specifier
Characteristics of OOP
Quiz 10: OOP Quiz
Mini Project – ( ATM System in C++ )
Why Constructor?
Default Constructor
Parametrized Constructor
Copy Constructor
Constructor Overloading
Constructor Program
Quiz 11: Constructor in C++
Operator Overloading
Overloading Post and Pre Increment
Introduction Inheritance Mind-Map
What is Inheritance?
Why Inheritance ?
Inheritance Example
Constructor and Inheritance
Function Overriding
isA and hasA Relation
Types Of Inheritance
Ways of Inheritance
Quiz 12: Inheritance Quiz
What is Pointer?
Why Pointer is Used?
Program in Memory
Pointer Notation
Pointer and Array
Pointer and Function
Memory Management – NEW
Memory Management – DELETE
Pointer Application Program
Pointer Limitations
this Pointer
Quiz 13: Pointers Quiz
Introduction to Pointer – Mind-map
Introduction to Polymorphism
Base Class Pointer and Derived Class Object
What is Virtual Function?
Why Virtual Function with Example
Abstract Class and Pure Virtual Function
More about Polymorphism
Virtual Destructor
Quiz 14 : Polymorphism Quiz
What is friend in general?
What is Friend Function?
Question on Friend Function
What is Friend Class ? + practical
Overloading Comparison Operator – With Friend Function
Quiz 15:Friend Quiz
Introduction to Static Member – Mind map
Static Member Variable
Static Member Function
Quiz 16: Static Member Variable & Function Quiz
Introducing File Input- Output
What are Streams?
Classes and Object for Input-Output
How reading and writing is done in file?
Write data into FILE
Reading data from FILE
Tellg in C++
Tellp Function
Seekg Function
Seekp Function
Quiz 17:File handling Quiz
Exception Handling in C++
Exception Handling Program in C++
Quiz 18: Exception Quiz
Basics of Data Structure
Introduction to STL
Containers in STL & Classification
Array – Container in STL
Vector – Container in STL
List – Container in STL
Stack – Container in STL
Queue – Container in STL
Priority Queue – Container in STL
Map – Container in STL
Multimap – Container in STL
Unordered Map – Container in STL
Set – Container in STL
Multiset – Container in STL
Unordered Set – Container in STL
Algorithms in STL
Container in Container
Quiz 19: STL Quiz
Final Project – Student management in C++
ByteBoard – VeDinesh Academy provides smart classroom-type learning by breaking long lectures into short and crisp for each topic.

We explain concepts with examples and pictures for better understanding, moreover we apply the Mind-Map technique that would definitely help you in connecting the dots and remembering the concepts forever.

We are highly motivated and passionate to provide you high-quality, simplified, and in-depth training at an affordable price.


Who this course is for:
For Beginner C++ developers , Course covers c++programming concepts in depth.


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