Learn and Program Arduino with Your Mobile Without Computer

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Learn how to Program Arduino without a Computer via Mobile Bluetooth or mini USB Port, if you don’t have a PC/Laptop you can program Your Arduino using a Smartphone Only.

Have you ever needed to upload a code Or change things inside Your Arduino but didn’t find a computer nearby, Yes? Well, have you ever ever needed to simplify the code writing and uploading process, but don’t want to buy a computer or have a laptop with you everywhere you go.

Then This Course is for You

In this course, you will learn how to program your own Arduino board without the need for a Wired USB cable connected to the board each time you want to send out or try a new version of your code.

     Why you should learn how to program your Arduino Wirelessly:

  • It’s easier to reprogram
  • No need for a laptop/PC to learn and program Arduino codes, you can do it using your mobile phone.
  • Save time in the development phase of your project
  • Less effort when you want to change or update something in your Arduino based device/project.What you will learn in this course:
  • How to program Arduino Wirelessly or via Mobile mini USB Port
  • How to use a mobile phone to write and upload codes to Arduino board wirelessly
  • How to use a mobile phone to write and upload codes to Arduino board via Mobile min USB Port

Goal From This Course:

– Learn how to Program Arduino without a Laptop/PC

Required Materials

  • Arduino.
  • Arduino IDE  (FREE)
  • Bluino – Google Play Store (FREE)
  • Mobile/Smartphone

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested in Programming Arduino without a Laptop/PC
  • Anyone Interested in Programming your Arduino Wirelessly

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