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Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology and seeks out to scale back defects and process variations. There are levels within the six sigma model that indicate different levels of competency and knowledge required by an employee to effectively contribute to an improvement project using the six sigma methodology.

These days the analytics industry uses Lean Six Sigma more as it integrates Lean with Six Sigma. Lean is a value-adding, waste-reducing methodology. To do a course for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt one must select a renowned institute that can really instill confidence and explain the mechanics of real-world lean six sigma scenarios with suitable examples.

Analytics gives a data-driven method to deal with and solve business issues. It helps one to acquire an aptitude for gathering, estimating, and analyzing a lot of information. This data collected can be additionally utilized for building helpful procedures for the business.

Analytics also makes one a skilled professional who can lead effortlessly the smooth working of the business and can resolve business concerns that lead to large benefits and development of the business. The performance of the business is enhanced by taking calculative decisions that can make the business excel in this competitive world

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course is a globally recognized certification course designed to impart to a student sufficient knowledge of the fundamental principles of six sigma and the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) methodology so that he/she can become a significant contributor in six sigma process improvement projects. Green Belts professionals mainly target to improve the internal processes and also to increase customer satisfaction. After doing this certification course, green belts are competent enough to lead smaller improvement projects by themselves.

The course offers an in-depth understanding of project management techniques and advanced statistical tools that assists one to become an adept analytic. The syllabus of the course is designed by professionals from the industry itself. These professional trainers with 15-20 years of experience train the students with the help of written documents, quizzes, videos, real-time examples, and assignments and make the course exciting and easy to comprehend.

After getting a six sigma green belt certification, you will:

Understand what’s required for each DMAIC stage for managing an improvement process.
All Green Belts are able to write great problem statements.
You know what “Voice of the Customer” is and know at least one way to collect it.
You understand CTQ’s (Critical to Quality) are important for translating customer feedback into usable and useful critical quality needs.
You are able to recognize poor quality and calculate the cost/impact of this is on business
Value Stream Mapping & Process Mapping are terrific for visualizing a process. You will be able to easily create them.
Metrics and measurements are a huge category of learning. As a Green Belt, you will have a good understanding of key metrics, their meanings, and uses.
Will know how and where to use Control Chart, Pareto, Histograms, Scatter Plots.
Understand what “Failure Demand” means, how to identify it, and analyze it.
Though complex, you will understand what “Standard Deviation” is and how to use it to create control limits.
Basic concepts of flow, including understanding the positive/negative of batching vs single piece flow
As a Green Belt, you will be able to articulate the “Value Adding Analyses” concept, including the ability to be able to identify Non-Value Added activity in a process
Cause and Effect diagram or Root Cause Analysis to make sure you can get to the root cause of a problem and not just treat the symptoms.
Understand the concept of error proofing with practical examples of it in use.
Use Kanban, Andon, and Display Boards techniques to make your work visible.
Most change projects have a control plan. As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you will be able to execute an effective control plan.
A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is able to understand the concept of Systems Thinking and will be able to identify where a system is responsible for creating waste and failure, rather than the concerns with individual performance variation.
As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you will be able to create effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
Why choose the six sigma green belt certification course over other courses?

Practical and Theoretical learning by highly experienced teachers
The syllabus that is focused on the present day’s requirement of the business
Case studies and scenarios from the real world to make the understanding of the subject easy
Drill the students with exercises and quizzes for analyzing
Recordings and videos for promoting better learning and engagement of the students
Who this course is for:
Team leaders
Software professionals
Senior managers
Project managers
Management professionals
Quality assurance engineers


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