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ISTQB Agile Tester Extension training for 2021 + 400 QUIZ

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Complete training package(only course which provides this)

ISTQB Agile Training + Reference book+ Topic wise Quiz + Chapter Wise Quiz + NOTES : COMPLETE PACKAGE

This course will help you to clear ISTQB Foundation level  Agile Tester Extension Testing ,

First few video are provided for free,  you can watch them to check the quality of the course.

we have maintained the same quality through the course.

Highlights of the course:

The course is specially designed for those who are new to the testing domain or have less than 3 years of testing experience.

  • Topic-wise Explanation: Each topic of the ISTQB official syllabus is explained in an easy to understand way with the help of real industry example
  • Topic Wise quiz: After going through the quiz you can evaluate your understanding with the corresponding quizzes (you will not get in any other course)
  • Chapter-wise quiz: After each chapter, some difficult quizzes are included, you will get a similar difficulty level question in the exam.
  • Revision: throughout the course, we are providing revisions so that you remember the topics, which is an important aspect of the ISTQB Exam
  • EXERCISES: for the important topic To-do Exercises are provided, it like a workshop for you to understand the topic.
  • NOTES: compact one-page notes are provided which you can refer to just before the exam day to recall the important topics.
  • 2 Practice set: finally you will get a real timer-based exam, with this you will get a real ISTQB test environment,
  • HD Audio-HD Video :  all the course are recorded in a profession recording studio and the model animations are used for explanation.
  • Instructor Support :  Whenever you have doubts just reach our qualified instructors, they will help you quickly.

Chapters covered:

  1. Agile Software Development    (chapter 1)
  2. Fundamental Agile Testing Principles, Practices, and Processes  (chapter 2)
  3. Agile Testing Methods (chapter 3 part 1)
  4. Techniques in Agile Projects  (chapter 3 part 2)
  5. Tools in Agile Projects  (chapter 3 part 3)


This course is designed for all who want to Pass the ISTQB Agile Testing exam in their first attempt.

This course will give you in-depth knowledge about topics mentioned in the syllabus.

It is an simple easy to follow course

About me

I am working as a automation test manager in Bosch from last 20years.

I have below certifications:

1. ISTQB Foundation level

2. ISTQB Advanced test manager

3, ISTQB advanced test analyst

4.ISTQB advanced technical test analyst

5. ISTQB agile tester

6. ISTQB model based tester

7. ISTQB automotive tester

8 IS0-26262 (Automotive safety certification)

Testing and automation is my passion and I have lot of experience in this field , this is a great platform for me to help you all to achieve your objective.

*we have purchased all the rights to use the content provided in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • For all who want to Pass ISTQB Acceptance Testing exam

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