Indian Cooking Course -15 Unique Potato Recipes 2021 (Hindi)

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Join this indian cooking course in which Expert chef mehwish have made some unique & best potato recipes that every home cook should know how to make.

15 Potato Recipes will help home cooks develop a core repertoire of skills and increase their culinary confidence. Learn the best way to cook a potato from preparation stage, to cooking them, Made with just a few ingredients, you won’t believe how delicious they are!

Potato is a versatile, carbohydrate-rich food highly popular worldwide and prepared and served in a variety of ways, In addition, the potato is low in fat. Potatoes are rich in several micronutrients, especially vitamin C – eaten with its skin, a single medium sized potato of 150 g provides nearly half the daily adult requirement (100 mg).That’s why join to learn unique ways to make different indian style potato recipes.

What you will learn in this course:

. Potato (Aloo) Bhujia

. Potato (Aloo) Donuts

Potato (Aloo) Cheese Sticks

. Potato (Aloo) Cheese Balls

. Potato (Aloo) Chappal Kabab

. Potato (Aloo) Shami Kabab

. Potato (Aloo) Katli

. Potato (Aloo) tikki in unique way

. Potato (Aloo) matar sabzi

. Potato (Aloo) roti

. Potato (Aloo) cheese sticks

. Potato (Aloo) pizza sandwich

. Potato (Aloo) palak

. Potato (Aloo) onion pakora

. Potato (Aloo) balls

. Potato (Aloo) special French Fries in KFC style

Who this course is for:

  • It’s designed for anyone who wants to get better in Indian Cooking & Specially looking for different varieties of potato dishes

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