ExpiredHow To Spend Your First (Or Next) Ten Days Without a Job

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My goal for you is that this process will shorten the length of time between the day you left you last job and the day you walk confidently into your next opportunity.

Few things in life wreck us the way an unexpected job loss does. In this course I will teach you how to spend the next ten days managing your emotions, controlling your mindset, taking an inventory of your talents and knowledge and bridging the gaps, making sense of the obstacles that stand in your way, naming your preferred future, and creating a plan to begin putting your best work in front of some of the most important people on your journey by day eleven.

At the end of the course, as a graduate, you’ll be invited to join me and a community of people for ongoing support, encouragement, and coaching.

Who this course is for:
Men and women of any age who’ve experienced an unexpected job loss and don’t know what to do next


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