How To Develop Your Chess Skills Easily

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After study the absolutely beginner’s course “ The Easiest Way To Learn Chess” you’ll learn the moves of the pieces. defiantly you’ll have this strong feeling to learn more ideas and go deeper inside chess knowledge. You’re searching these patterns and motives will help you to beat your opponents again and again, am I right?

Why It Created?

There are plenty chess tutorials and videos available. The main problem is that lessons are not organized into small steps. There are gaps between the knowledge, so students can find some lessons difficult, similary, there wasn’t a concreate chess training program to help you increase your rating from 500 to 800, 800 to 1000, 1000 to 1100, etc.

There wasn’t till today! Because I’d like to present you my training program that can help you make stable progress with chess. You can build strong foundations that can help you improving in your life.

What is inside?

Please let me share with you few words for the course. First of all you will learn all the special chess moves. There are some special moves as castling and en passant that confuse students. Then you’ll learn the most basic tactical motives, with the ultimate goal to capture your enemy pieces. This program will help you to start playing tournament games by giving you all the necessary first tools for your future success.

How Is It Structured?

The program contains theoretical videos in order to understand the main ideas. During the videos, you can get the main conclusions of the video and see the illustrative games. Then you have the tests in order to practice actively the ideas and barry them in your mind.

Is This Training Chess Program For You?

defiantly yes! I have been teaching chess for 20 years in my Chess Clubs, adults and kids. Thus, you can take advantage of my vast experience and improve rapidly. This training program is the lessons that usually the organized Clubs perform during the year. More specifically are the lessons of the second year.

The lessons are comprehensive, with easy follow rules at the begging, and conclusions at the end. The Practice, the exercises in PDF format, will help you to understand and apply the theoretical lessons in your games.

The lessons are concentrated, so you need to study them carefully. Each video theoretical lessons equals to 1 hour physical lesson (present in the class). The lessons are unique, compering to others, because you can read my articles, and train with exercises.

I’m looking forward to talk inside the lessons!



  1. How Fast Can I Learn
  2. Curriculum


  1. Castling
  2. Castling – Tests
  3. Men-vs-women
  4. En-passant
  5. Threat the King
  6. Give Check – Τests
  7. Avoid Check – Tests
  8. Chess Notation // How to write a chess game
  9. Pieces-Value
  10. Pieces-Value – Tests
  11. Threat
  12. Threat-2
  13. Defense
  14. What he is threatening? // Find the threat tests
  15. Checkmate
  16. Checkmate – Tests
  17. Copy Moves
  18. Is chess infinite?
  19. Stalemate
  20. Check or Checkmate or Stalemate – Tests
  21. Gaffe
  22. Gaffe – Tests
  23. Design the checkmate
  24. Defense – Capture Exercises
  25. Defense – Move Exercises
  26. Defense – Shield Exercises
  27. Defense – Support Exercises
  28. Checkmate with the Rook
  29. Checkmate with the Queen
  30. Random checkmates tests
  31. Draw
  32. Attack Twice // Reinforce Attack
  33. Reinforce Attack – Tests

Extra Lessons

  1. Glosary
  2. Fools mate
  3. Antichess
  4. Checkmate with 2 Bishops
  5. Game-mind-hand
  6. Checkmate with Bishop and Knight
  7. Normal Moves
  8. Active pieces tests
  9. Not force to recapture
  10. Recapture
  11. Threat-safety
  12. Join-my-team
  13. Visualization
  14. Character Development
  15. Visualization – 2
  16. Final Tests
  • Video duration = 290 minutes
  • Exercises = 190
  • Articles = 6
  • PDF files for download = 19

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner

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