Fundamentals of Hedge Funds

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Hedge funds are one of the most profitable types of alternative assets.

However, they are not easy to comprehend.

Fund structures, investment strategies, provisions and fees, and other elements.

And unfortunately, it’s hard to find a course that covers the essentials of hedge funds.

So it becomes common for a student to:

  • Not be able to discern among the different investment strategies;
  • Not know if the provisions negotiated with an investor are helpful to the fund, or not at all;
  • Not know which people in a hedge fund perform which tasks;
  • Not master the different investment techniques, especially those with subtle differences (such as arbitrage plays);

So, how do we address this?




This course is, naturally, targeted at people who are interested in the functioning of hedge funds.

More specifically, it targets:

  • Aspiring (or current) asset management professionals, including traders that want to start their own fund;
  • Professionals in other areas of high finance that are considering hedge fund positions;
  • Professionals interested in the inner workings and processes of hedge funds;
  • Professionals interested in the performance and risk measures used in hedge funds;
  • Anyone looking to know more about hedge funds!


Who this course is for:

  • Any future (or existing!) asset management professional
  • Any professional that deals with hedge funds (or alternative assets in general) in their profession
  • Anyone who wants to know more about hedge funds

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