From Business Vision To Manifestation

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You’ve got a business vision to run with right? I share in your excitement.

But do you know that 90% of business visions don’t come to the fulfillment stage! I believe that was a tough one. But it’s actually the simple truth.

A lot of things go into the fulfillment of visions and most times lots of vision carriers are not ready to sacrifice the time, money, work and diligence that’s necessary to get visions fulfilled.

Therefore we always have what i call “Abortion of visions”!

This course will be teaching you the skills of getting your business visions to the fulfillment stage no matter who you are and where you are at the point of receiving the vision. The Christian principles used in this course are time-tested and are very relevant to today’s practices. They’ll be extremely relevant to you and your business.

In this course you’ll learn,

1. How to receive the right business visions.

2. Your first set of reactions to any business vision you receive.

3. What you need to do with the business vision you receive.

4. How to create the right environment for the growth and fulfillment of your business vision.

5. The relevance of prayer power to the fulfillment of your business vision.

6. And more…

I have used principles to write books that have helped readers to find solutions to their business challenges, this course is to continue this lofty objectives of the vision of our organisation.

I want you to enroll for this course today.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who runs a business
  • Anyone who intends starting a business
  • Anyone who has got a vision but finding it difficult kick starting it
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to run with a vision using Christian principles

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