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If creativity runs in your blood then this one is definitely for you!

Want to be your own boss?

Learn the necessary skill to be able to build up a strong writing portfolio?

Want to stand out from the mob as a proficient writer?

Freelance content writing course is one of the most sought after course that the industry is offering. It makes you a professional and also an independent earner which means you can ‘Be your own Boss’. This course not only offers you to acquire the necessary skills in writing effective content but also masters the art of it. The course covers everything you need to learn to become a professional freelance writer. You will learn the skills to do good, versatile and profitable writing and create a writing portfolio to present to the clients.

As a freelance content writer, you have all the time in the world to manage your work from the comfort of your home, a coffee shop or any other place that enhances your creative abilities. You also get interesting projects that do not make your job monotonous as you work for clients from all sorts of industries rather working on the same lines as a regular job. It also allows you to experiment with your writing style.

Good content writers are always in great demand irrespective of age, gender and profession and doing this course offers attractive career opportunities as well. There is a growing demand of freelance writers as in today’s digital work world many companies don’t work from a fixed physical location. These companies hire writers who are able to work independently, from their own space professionally.

After doing this course you will be able to pen down blogs, articles, e-books, web content, social media content, reviews, company profile, book summary, product description, etc.

It is designed by the Writers who have more than 15 years of experience in the field of writing. This course will help you structure a professional writing career for yourself and inspire others to be like you.

By the end of this course you will learn to:

Stand out as a freelance professional writer
Gain experience in writing different content types
Add clarity, fluency and flow to your writing
Review your skills level and plan for personal development
Research the hidden writing opportunities for freelancers
Determine the profitability of the writing profession for yourself
Develop language skill needed to write appropriate content
Analyze the eminent writers from the industry to improve your writing technique
Develop writing skills in a variety of media
Create a portfolio to showcase your work and reach out to the right target
Build relationship and network to make use of collaborative opportunities
Work quickly, create feedback and grow a sustainable practice
This course is full of practical exercises that will give you a peep into the real world of freelance, and gain necessary expertise to be an accomplished writer. In addition to it, you will also get formats, filters and technology tips to help you write prolifically, and effectively.

The course is packed with:

Practical examples that will help to make the learning process easy and give you a glance into the real world of freelance.
Lots of fun videos to make it more engaging and have a stronghold over the content.
Tons of writing tips and guidance from the experts to understand the course well and apply it in the real world to make you stand out from the rest as a professional.
Freelance Content writing course gives you an opportunity to opt for flexible roles like:

Web content writer
Technical writer
Creative writer
Copy Editor
If you are proficient in writing then you can take up many of the above-mentioned roles at the same time and make a lot of money.

Who can take up this course?

This course can be taken up by people from all fields and can start their innings as a content writer with this full-fledged course.

Teachers/professors, who are interested in writing
Business owners, who want to add one more skill to their kitty
Students, who want to take this as a career
Professionals, who see freelancing as an alternative career and a means to earn more
Housewives, who want to work from home
Retired professionals, who want to have an additional source of income
Business development professionals
Bloggers, who want to add to their skill and expertise.
Apart from that:

People who love writing and want to take it as a career
Make freelance a discipline and continue writing for the love of it.
Words of appreciation from our Students:

1. “This course will definitely help me shape my career in a better way as it has all the recipes to be a great writer.” Faizan Ansari

2. “Excellent course! It has helped upscale up my skills and enhanced my ability to write” Pulkit Seth

3. “With Faculties as experienced, definitely puts you on course for the next big thing. The trainers offered their valuable and practical advice that was really helpful in understanding the course.” Aparna Dhawan

4. “Working as Content Writer for the last five years, but this course really added to my skills and it really worked for me.” Srishti Fernandes

5. “I learned a lot about SEO that I didn’t know before. I really found the course fruitful and helped me get better with each module.” Nishant Kashyap

Who this course is for:
Digital Marketers / Marketers / Sales / Business Development professional
Existing entrepreneurs/business owners looking to scale up their business
Professors / Teachers / Trainers
Bloggers / Content Writers
Housewives / Retired / Unemployed individuals
Aspiring entrepreneurs
Professionals / Corporates


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