FOREX Trading Secrets of BIG BANKS – Only 1% Traders Know

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Very quickly, you will learn Manipulation Secrets in Trading of Big Banks on when they will make a new trend. You will know when and where to enter a trade exactly to win 3-4 BIG traders per month. This is so important for a trader to win in forex trading.

Most of retail traders lose money because they love trading against the trend of Big Banks. They simply think they will get more pips (more money) when they “turn” into a reversal trend. Most of retail traders have greedy yet scary psychology. They don’t know that they don’t have power to do this work. However, Big Banks traders do.


Julia is now one of my students in Big Banks trading class in Singapore. She started trading 2 years ago after taking a trading class with a “guru” traders. You often see it on the internet. That guru taught her how to use many indicators on a chart to trade. No exact trading plan was shown to her. She said to me she was addicted to trading on her computer screen everyday but she never won as expected. She was so confused and disappointed with trading results. Then, she met me in a trading seminar and everything changed to her.

Julia is in 99% traders out there, jumping in and out markets at anytime. And burn money for brokers. If you are also in this situation, happy to welcome you here.

As you may know, 99% retail traders fail and lose money. But the good news is you now have this course to help you become top 1% trader.

So, how to win in Forex market? The answers is very simple: “Follow Traders of Big Banks” because they are manipulating Forex price every day, every hour, every minute in currency markets.

You have to know who our enemy is in Forex market if you want to make money. You will understand their mindset of manipulating currency markets, which help you master forex trading game.

Nobody teaches you about Big Banks secret out there because they still believe that Forex is still demand/supply game.

This course is the game changer for you in Forex trading because it will blow your mind what you had before.

In this course, you will discover 4-step trading strategy based on Big Banks’ manipulation in Forex market. The purpose of this strategy is to help you win 3-4 big traders per month, not sit in front of computer screen trying to make every single cent in trading.

All you have to do is to follow each step taught detailed in videos.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn about Forex trading
  • Traders who are still losing money in Forex markets
  • Traders who don’t know why they are losing money in Forex markets
  • This course is NOT teaching you about day trading
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