Dreaming Understand Dream Messages Remember Your Dreams 2022

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Dreaming Understand Dream Messages and Remember Your Dreams in 2022

5 Star Review

I was able to use this information to sort through dreams….and understand what the dream was telling me after the hypnosis. I will keep coming back to the hypnosis sessions as I find them very helpful. I do admit I am not writing things down…but I am holding what I need to know in memory and mulling over what I am finding out. Have taken another course with this instructor and would highly recommend anything he teaches.

Catherine Bach.

If you have ever wondered what your dreams are all about or why you have recurring dreams that seem to have a bit of everything in it, such as elements of something that happened that day or someone you know or just met or maybe even fragments of people or experiences that happened some time ago or even something you just had been thinking about that day.

Well if you looked to dream books to find the answer I can tell you that you will not find any answers there because you are the only person who can discover what those seemingly crazy dreams are all about.

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were wish fulfillment meaning if you wanted something in your dreams you would receive it, and he came to this conclusion by looking at the dreams of children noticing if a child wanted a ice cream that day and did not receive it in their dreams they would get that ice cream so that their would be no unresolved conflicts left buried in their subconscious a kind of nightly clearing the slate.

But as we get older our dreams become made up of so many elements that we cannot understand emotional issues become unresolved and can stay dormant for many years until they get triggered again and need to be brought to some understanding so the slate can clear again.

This can be the reason for having recurring dreams as your subconscious wants an important issue dealt with   so that it can return to homeostasis or psychological balance.

This course will help you to begin to remember those dreams easier as most of us wake up knowing we have been dreaming and five minutes later we cannot remember what it was all about. But now with hypnosis and suggestions for remembering those dreams and being prepared always when you wake up in the night or in the morning with pen paper and a reading light.

you can start to record those dreams in writing and then reading through them before using your second hypnosis session that will help you to take a closer look at those dreams.

Look at what you will experience

  1. Understanding your dreams Introduction
  2. What is Hypnosis
  3. Before first Hypnosis Session
  4. Remember Your Dreams Hypnosis + Downloadable Resources
  5. Remembering your dreams debriefing
  6. Introduction Before Revisiting and understanding your dreams
  7. Understanding Your Dreams Hypnosis Session
  8. Understanding your dreams debriefing

Downloadable Hypnosis mp3

1. Akashic Records Hypnosis

2. Astral Travel Hypnosis

3. Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

4. Have more Balance in life

5. Ignore Snoring Hypnosis

6. Power Nap Hypnosis

7. Sleep Deeply Each night Hypnosis

8. Solve Problems as you Sleep Hypnosis

9. Fear of the Dark Hypnosis

10. No More Nightmares Hypnosis

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who is interested in understanding more about their psyche
  • Curiosity about dreams and what they are for
  • If you are having recurring dreams

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