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Dive Into Ansible – From Beginner to Expert in Ansible

Introduction to Enterable (Dive Into Ansible – From Beginner to Expert in Ansible). Ansible is an open source, configuration management, software provisioning and application deployment tool set created by Michael Tahan in 2012.It was later acquired by RedHat Inc in 2015.And since then, Red Hat Inc and the open source community have further developed and improved the platform.

Whilst many referred to Ansible as a specific entity, it is a multitude of tools, modules and software defined infrastructure that are collectively the ansible tool set in this introductory section. We’re going to take a look at some of the more well known core components of Ansible. A major factor in the success of Sense Baugh is the extensive library of modules that are openly available for consumption. There are modules that cover many areas, including cloud computing, network in server configuration and management, virtualization, containerization and more.

Given the size of the module catalog, they may be an unstable module already out there to support the automation requirements that you have. And I encourage you at this point to have a look at the EU rail listed. If there isn’t a module for your needs, there’s also the opportunity to create a custom module using the extensible framework there is native to Ansible, we will be making use of modules as we proceed through the course (Dive Into Ansible – From Beginner to Expert in Ansible) and in the advanced sections will also cover the process for creating custom modules. The next component is the ansible executable, a highly versatile tool that acts as a Swiss Army knife for your automation requirements, quite simply typing Ansible on a system where Ansible is installed.

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It’s an excellent gateway point for starting an unstoppable project, for setting up your own special execution environment and for everyday usage as a tool, it allows you to interact with both ansible modules and your ansible target infrastructure, therefore extending the power of modules to the command line. We’ll be starting our journey with the use of this tool. And support playbook. Through the use of the Ans paugh playbook executable, it allows you to work with and support human readable configuration, deployment and orchestration language. A playbook is, as the name implies, a book of plays with a play depicting the configuration and changes that you would like to achieve against a given set of targets.

The language, whilst human readable, provides versatility and a playbook, can comprise of a simple set of tasks to advance configurations, leveraging ansible features such as rolling updates, parallel execution and roles. In this course(Dive Into Ansible – From Beginner to Expert in Ansible), we’ll be covering in depth and support Playbook’s the ansible language and the advanced components that can be leveraged to fully exploit the power of Ansible.

Lastly, for this introduction, we mentioned the concept of inventories, inventories are a collection of targets most commonly comprised of hosts, but can also relate to other components, such as networks witches, containers, storage arrays or other physical and virtual components that we wish to interact with through Ansible. The inventory also provides useful information that we can use alongside our targets during the ansible execution. Inventories can be quite simple where they are a text file with a selection of targets. There’s also the ability to create dynamic inventories where the inventory is an executable with the data being sourced dynamically.

This opens up a lot of flexibility where we store our data elsewhere and make use of it at runtime. We’ll be looking at dynamic inventories with the likes of Amazon Web Services and will be creating our own. These three components are the core of Ansible, and around them there are many more that we’ll explore on our journey. Please join me in the next video. We will set up our ansible lab and get hands on with Ansible.

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