Customer Service Success: Take Your Skills to the Next Level

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Great customer skills training is the key to success.

With the right customer service skills, you have the power to create positive customer service experiences, build customer loyalty, boost your reputation, and advance your career. Do you want to learn how to provide exceptional customer service to impress your customers?

When you listen and understand your customers’ needs and communicate effectively, you can make decisions that benefit your customers and improve your company’s performance.

That’s why we created this customer service skills training for anyone who wants to learn how to provide world-class customer service skills! Whether you are a customer-facing professional, business owner, or team manager, this introductory customer service course will help you get started!

This customer service course is for you if you wish to:

  • Learn best customer service practices that are practical and easy to implement
  • Create memorable experiences for your customers
  • Improve your customer relationship management skills
  • Stand out from competitors by providing top-notch customer care
  • Learn in-demand customer service and soft skills that will last a lifetime

Exceeding your customers’s expectations can help deliver a long-term increase in revenue, customer satistfactoin, and your career success.


Customer service training doesn’t have to be boring!

This customer service course includes video lectures, downloadable resources, real company examples,  course notes, and interviews with industry professionals. All of these resources are designed to help you apply what you learn and succeed!

In this customer service skills training, you will cover:

  • Customer service fundamentals
  • Essential skills in customer service
  • Building rapport in customer service
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Effective listening skills
  • Dealing with upset customers
  • Self-care in customer service
  • Responding to positive and negative reviews on social media
  • Memorable ways to “wow” your customers
  • FAQs and advice
  • Interviews with industry professionals

And much much more!

By the end of the course, you will:

    • Feel confident building rapport with customers
    • Use the power of words, first impressions, and body language to influence how they feel about interacting with you
    • Learn how to effectively listen to customer inquiries
    • Feel confident in communicating online, in person, and over the phone
  • Become more productive, focused and resilient when dealing with upset customers
  • Turn negative situations into positive experiences
  • Gain practical skills to tackle challenging situations
  • Learn how you can improve your company’s reputation, and as a result, your customers’ experience
  • Wow your customers and impress your employers

Your Instructor:

Viktoriya Maya works as the Director of Marketing at Corporate Finance Institute, a leading global provider of online finance education. She is in charge of managing both the marketing and customer service departments to ensure the organization offers top-notch education and student support. By serving over a million of customers and managing a busy team of customer support professionals, she gained hands-on experience and valuable skills that helped her succeed in her role and grow her career.

If you are ready to upgrade your customer service skills, grow your career, and make a difference in people’s lives, enroll now to get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals working in customer-facing roles
  • Freelancers and business owners who want to impress their customers and stand out from competitors
  • Managers looking to provide training and improve the performance of their customer support team
  • Organizations that want to raise the bar and take their customer support to its next level of excellence

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