Crash Course on Embedded C Programming

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You started learning embedded systems in excitement but stumble on some basic C programming concepts? Would you like a quick revision to C Coding to understand embedded systems better? Then this course is perfect for you.

This is a Crash Course on C Programming targeted specially for embedded systems learners. This is not to be considered as a full C Programming course but a crash course. Only those topics are included which are mostly used in embedded Systems. Please check entire curriculum before you enroll.

This course won’t dwell on theory, you can get it from many sources, I have kept this course purely for those who want to start some C Practice right away.

You’ll create your first program within 30 minutes of joining this course

This course covers

  • C Programming Introduction
  • Types of Variables and which to use when in embedded systems
  • Type of operators in C
  • Writing simple C Programs
  • Input and Output in C and its correlation to embedded systems
  • Conditional Executions (If / if-else / nested if)
  • Conditional Executions (switch-case)
  • Loops in C (for loop / while loop)
  • Understanding various programming scenarios
  • Arrays in C
  • Integer arrays
  • Text Arrays
  • Use of arrays in Embedded Systems
  • Converting integers to strings
  • Pointers in C
  • Use of Pointers in Embedded Systems
  • Various different ways to use Pointers
  • Functions in C Programming
  • Preprocessor directives and their usages in C Programming

You’ll create your first program within 30 minutes of joining this course

As mentioned before, this is not to be considered as a complete C Programming but a crash course for Embedded Systems People

So if you’re like one of us who is working on Microcontrollers and circuit programming, join this course now

Thank you 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Embedded System Enthusiasts
  • Anyone Who is Complete Beginners in Embedded Systems

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