Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation for Upset Customers

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could solve any conflict in an easy manner, being a “social skills ninja”?

It’s a rule that everyone has conflicts. Bigger or smaller, these are always present. it may be with co-workers, clients, friends, and more. Conflicts are much more present than we think, and conflict resolution is an essential social skill in the world of today – both in a personal and professional context.

Especially when you deal with clients, conflict resolution becomes even more important. You must be able to properly navigate both internally and interface with the customer, who may be upset, angry, or making unreasonable demands.

I’ve been coaching top executives and professionals for over 5 years, helping with conflict resolution in many different contexts:
– Customer Success and Customer Service representatives calming down angry consumer product customers;
– Client Relations and Investor Relations representatives looking to negotiate with agitated and angry investors and shareholders;
– Executives looking to calm down key stakeholders and other executives that want to derail their plans;
– And many others in corporate life (dealing with conflicts among teams, with managers, etc).

This short course will walk you through some core techniques for conflict resolution, including showing respect and empathy, analyzing the person’s rules, detecting whether the person goes violent or silent, and many others. We’ll also specifically look at how to apply these to calm down angry or upset customers.

The course has three major components:
– Diagnostic (how to assess what type of conflict you have on your hands, and what rules were broken that led to it);
– Techniques (techniques to use to de-escalate the situation including empathy, understanding, respect, guiding towards implementation, and others);
– Traps (traps to avoid that can escalate the situation or cause a misalignment of expectations later);

Not only is it a conflict resolution course, and a customer service/customer success course, it’s also, in many ways a social skills course in general, which means you will be able to transplant many of these techniques from this context to other areas of life (relationships, family, friends, and others).

If this course seems like a match, it would be a pleasure to have you as a student.

Are you going to take your conflict resolution skills to the next level?


Warning: Choose the Right Course!

This course is part of the “Conflict Resolution” series, containing different courses for different purposes:
– Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation Skills (“generic” version);
– Conflict Resolution for Co-Workers (for conflicts with co-workers or team members in a corporate context);
– Conflict Resolution for Executives and Board Directors (for conflicts with executives or senior leaders in the boardroom);
– Conflict Resolution for Friends and Personal Relationships (for conflicts with friends and family members);
– Conflict Resolution for IT Professionals (for conflicts with coders, tech leaders, or other IT professionals);
– Conflict Resolution for Upset Customers (for conflicts with clients and customers as a Customer Success/Customer Support/Relationship Management professional);
– Conflict Resolution in Financial Services (for conflicts with analysts, traders, PMs, or partners in high finance);
– Conflict Resolution in Investor Relations (for conflicts with investors or shareholders);
– Conflict Resolution in Leadership and Talent Management (for conflicts with your team members or other leaders);

These courses are 50% similar (half of the course, the “base course”, is the same for all, while 50% is “custom” to each situation. The “generic” version only contains the 50% that is the “base course”, which is why it has a lower price.

If you’re interested in another version of this series instead of this one, just search by name on the course directory or my profile.


Who this course is for:

  • Anybody dealing with customers (high- or low-value, high- or low-touch)
  • Anybody in Customer Success or Customer Service
  • Anybody in Client Relations or Investor Relations

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