Complete General Chemistry 20+ hours of lectures & examples

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General Chemistry is a basic course for a broad range of students from different fields of science and engineering. This course is designed to help you get a firm grasp over the most important topics in chemistry that you need to know in order to do great in your exams and classes. By the end of the course you’ll learn the principals and important concepts regarding matter, atoms, solutions, phases, chemical reactions, equilibrium, kinetics, acids and bases and so much more. Moreover, there are many standard example questions so you can practice what you’ve learned and a step by step solution procedure which will teach you strategies to tackle various types of problems.

Who this course is for:

  • Chemistry or Science major students
  • Engineering students from Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering students from Mechanical Engineering Material majors
  • Engineering students from Material Engineering
  • Students from some of the majors of Medicine and Pharmaceutical
  • High School Students
  • Anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of chemistry

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