Complete Android Course – Android 11 with Java

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This is The Complete Android Developer Course on Udemy that will not only help you make android projects for fun, but this course will land you a reputable career as an Android developer. The course not only tells you the basics of android, but we will take you on a journey across the entire android development system from the basics to advanced. You’ll learn from doing practical coding.

What to expect after completion of the course?

You should expect yourself to be fluent with Android Development using Java and you would have adequate experience from the basics of creating an Android App to deploying an Android Application in Google Play Store by yourself.

The entire goal of this course is to teach you about from basics of Android Development up to the level you need to complete a commercial Android Application. This is one of a kind course in the entire Udemy platform and the reason for that is, this course is not about theory, it’s about practicality. Creating projects, and creating apps in every single module you are learning to become a true and a professional Android Developer and not an internet developer who knows a little about everything.

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Who this course is for:

  • Students who wants to work in the industry as Android Developer
  • Students who wants to gather an A-Z knowledge about Android Development

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