Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training (V6.4)

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Analytics is the most in-demand field as it provides a data-driven approach to solve business problems. It helps you to gain expertise in collecting, measuring and, analyzing a large amount of data. This data can be further used for building useful strategies for your business.

It makes you a skilled professional with ease that leads to the smooth functioning of the business that can solve business concerns that leads to big profits and growth of the business. The performance of the business is enhanced by taking calculative decisions that can make your business excel in this competitive world. This course helps the professionals to look after the needs of the business and take the business performance up.

This program aims to arm the professionals to exhibit leadership skills, understand the team, assign the roles and responsibilities to the members of the team and coach the team on project management.

We offer the best Analytics course that gives an in-depth understanding of the advanced statistical tool and enhances the project management techniques. The course offers in-depth knowledge of the subject that helps you to become a proficient Analytic.

The curriculum of the course is crafted by bringing in the experts from the industry that has spent a major chunk of their professional life garnering experience. With almost 15-20 years of these experts train the candidates with the help of videos, written documents, quizzes, real-time examples and exercises to make it interesting and easy to comprehend. The participants are taken special care by the trainers and their doubts are cleared to have a clear understanding of the course.

This course is designed to makes it easy to grasp and have better retention as the participants are from various backgrounds. It definitely boosts up your confidence and upscale your skills.

At the time of completion of this course you will be:

• Proficient with the concept of Analytics and its applications

• Get pro with the usage of Analytics in your business and management

• Get the understanding to handle a large amount of data and take better decisions favourable for the business

• Get the knowledge to handle different types of data and its structure

• Gain the skills to find out and solve the problems related to the management of the company using management tools

• Understand to sharpen the ability to make good decisions and judgement and commit to improving processes

• Develop the capability to derive useful information from the large Data with the usage of analytic tools

• Learn to align the outcome of the project with the business goals and objectives

• Imbibe essential leadership and Project Management skills

• Learn to deliver quantifiable results while delivering the projects

• Get the understanding to handle complex six sigma projects in your company

• Learn to use Minitab to perform real data analysis

• Obtain the skill to solve complex problems

• Attain the capability to look beyond the present

• Acquire the eligibility regarding the jobs from an analytical background

• Become the first choice for thousands of high-paying Jobs for Six Sigma Certification Holders

• Get specialized pertaining to job opportunities abroad that demand specialization

• Make your profile outshine others

How is this course better than others?

• Experiential learning by the industry experts

• Curriculum that is based on today’s need and requirement of the business

• Unmatchable and experienced faculty chose from the industry

• Exemplifications from the real-world to make the understanding of the subject easy

• Grill the participants with exercises and quizzes for analysis

• Recordings and videos for better learning and engagement of the candidates

• Promote peer learning that makes the learning enriching


Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Marketing professionals
  • An Entrepreneur
  • Candidates who want to pursue analytics
  • Managers

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