ExpiredBusiness Analysis Elicitation and Collaboration (IIBA -ECBA)

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The Business Analysis Elicitation and Collaboration course is aligned with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Guide (BABOK3), and we’re going to cover the foundational concepts related to business analysis.

You can use this course to improve your business analysis knowledge and abilities and to obtain the certifications provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

In this course, we’re going to examine the ongoing process of elicitation and collaboration and find out how business analysts identify and reach agreements with stakeholders on requirements.

The tasks in this knowledge area describe how you as a business analyst reach a mutual understanding of various types of business analysis information with stakeholders.

The activities associated with this task include workshops, surveys, and ad hoc collaboration and conversations.

Elicitation and Collaboration

1. Overview of Elicitation and Collaboration
2. Core Concepts and the Business Analyst’s Role
3. Exercise: Understand Elicitation and Collaboration

Prepare for Elicitation

1. Prepare for Elicitation: Inputs and Elements
2. Prepare for Elicitation: Guidelines and Techniques
3. Prepare for Elicitation: Stakeholders and Outputs
4. Exercise: Preparing for Elicitation

Conduct Elicitation

1. Conduct Elicitation: Inputs and Elements
2. Conduct Elicitation: Guidelines and Techniques
3. Conduct Elicitation: Stakeholders and Outputs
4. Exercise: Conducting Elicitation

Confirm Elicitation Results

1. Confirm Elicitation Results: Inputs and Elements
2. Confirm Elicitation Results: Guidelines and Techniques
3. Confirm Elicitation Results: Stakeholders and Outputs
4. Exercise: Confirming Elicitation Results

Communicate Business Analysis Information

1. Communicating BA Information: Inputs and Elements
2. Communicating BA Information: Guidelines and Techniques
3. Communicating BA Information: Stakeholders and Outputs
4. Exercise: Communicating BA Information

Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

1. Stakeholder Collaboration: Inputs and Elements
2. Stakeholder Collaboration: Guidelines and Techniques
3. Stakeholder Collaboration: Stakeholders and Outputs
4. Exercise: Managing Stakeholder Collaboration

This course is part of the Business Analysis Certification Program which includes 14 courses. That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button and see you on the inside!

Who this course is for:
  • Individuals ready to develop their business analysis skills, knowledge and behaviors as practicing business analysis professionals.

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