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Hi there, my name is Pla.

As I have grown older and understood the importance of a well-balanced healthy diet, I have started to focus on creating low-carb meals as well as avoiding hidden food additives as much as possible.

As I find it difficult to skip meals or reduce portions to control my weight, I started to be more interested in low carbohydrate Keto recipes to maintain my target weight range.

By adopting this approach, I have found that I can enjoy eating as normal without skipping meals or reducing the amount I eat. I feel sick when I don’t eat enough food, and skipping meals is one of my migraines.

However, selecting what I eat is very important to achieve my diet plan.

I am Thai and most of the food I eat is Thai, so over the last few years, I have learned to cook all my favorite Thai dishes to be suitable for a keto diet without taking away the key flavors in these classic Thai dishes.

The ketogenetic diet has seen significant growth in popularity in recent years. Keto has been helping countless people maintain their weight to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I know many of you love Thai food as much as I do.

But when it comes to a keto diet, is Thai food a good choice?

The most popular Thai dishes are that rice or noodles are a key component, often along with sugary sauces that are all off-limits on a keto diet.

The good news is, I can tell you now that authentic-tasting Thai food can be compatible with a keto diet without compromising on flavor, in short, you can have both.

You can enjoy all the unique and fragrant tastes of Thailand on a low-carb diet, from coconut milk and curry to Thai-inspired cauliflower rice and stir-fries.

To create a varied ketogenic diet at home I have adapted the recipes I love to eat without having to sacrifice them as part of my keto-friendly diet, ketogenic kitchen.

While it’s true that many Thai dishes are usually eaten with rice or noodles and sugary sauces that are off-limits on a keto diet, there are plenty of ways to work around this and still enjoy the flavors and traditions of Thai cooking.

Replacing traditional rice with delicious low-carb alternatives such as cauliflower rice, broccoli rice or Konjac rice is one of the many examples I will show you in this course.

My Thai cooking, keto Recipes have been adapted from my original Thai and vegan Thai cooking techniques to create authentic Keto Thai food for my diet with just a few simple replacements or alternative ingredients that can be easily added to your cabinets for your regular diet cooking. Nothing fancy!

I never feel I miss anything while I am on a keto diet and I have been delighted how easily these adapted recipes have become part of my everyday food.

I believe you will feel the same.

Check out the Keto Thai cooking if you want to enlarge your choice of keto cooking at home for your regular diet.

See you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is a good for anyone who loves Thai food wanting to add variety to their Ketogenetic diet. This course is suitable for someone already familiar with a keto diet.
  • This course is good for beginner Thai cooks. You do not need any experience or knowledge about Thai Cooking. The course will guide you through basic food preparation, ingredients introduction and step by step cooking.
  • This course does not go into advanced cooking techniques or the benefits of a keto diet, it simply provides keto Thai recipes.

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