Azure Cosmos DB – NoSQL DB For Busy .Net Developers

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Today’s applications are required to be highly responsive and always online. To achieve low latency and high availability, instances of these applications need to be deployed in data centers that are close to their users. Applications need to respond in real-time to large changes in usage at peak hours, store ever-increasing volumes of data and make this data available to users in milliseconds.

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database for modern app development. Single-digit millisecond response times, and automatic and instant scalability, guarantee the speed at any scale.

App development is faster and more productive thanks to turnkey multi-region data distribution anywhere in the world, open-source APIs, and SDKs for popular languages. As a fully managed service, Azure Cosmos DB takes database administration off your hands with automatic management, updates, and patching. It also handles capacity management with cost-effective serverless and automatic scaling options that respond to application needs to match capacity with demand.

So let’s start rolling:

Introduction – Non Relational,Horizontal Scaling,Data Modeling,Partition Key,Embedding Entities,Referencing Entities,Document Limit,Data Modeling

Hands-On – Create Cosmos DB, Cosmos DB Emulator, Attaching to Storage Explorer, Create Container (Table), Migrate SQL Data  to Cosmos DB, Json Uploads, Querying

Coding .Net Web API – Insert Item in Container, Update Item, Retrieve All Items, Retrieve Items with filters

Who this course is for:

  • .Net Developers

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