Agile testing course for Absolute beginner

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This course is Designer for all those how want to start carrier in Software testing or have very less testing experience.

Highlights of the course :

  • Syllabus Soft copy is attached with the course
  • Detailed Reference book is also attached
  • Each and every topic is explained with real testing example.
  • Course covers all the important concept required for a person to get into testing domain.
  • Along with the theory, two practical chapters are included in the course  where you will get opportunity  to apply testing techniques.
  • Many Testing practical questions are provided with explanation, with this you will learn almost all the testing techniques used.
  • First chapter is completely available for preview, you can watch lectures and then decide if you would like to go with it or not.

Chapters covered:

  1. Fundamentals of Testing
  2. Testing Throughout the Software Development Life-cycle
  3. Static Testing
  4. Black box testing techniques (practical chapter)
  5. White box testing techniques(practical chapter)
  6. Test Techniques
  7. Tools

About me

I am working as a automation test manager in Bosch from last 20years.

I have below certifications:

1. ISTQB Foundation level

2. ISTQB Advanced test manager

3, ISTQB advanced test analyst

4.ISTQB advanced technical test analyst

5. ISTQB agile tester

6. ISTQB model based tester

7. ISTQB automotive tester

8 IS0-26262 (Automotive safety certification)

Testing and automation is my passion and I have lot of experience in this field , this is a great platform for me to help you all to achieve your objective.

Who this course is for:

  • All those who want to make carrier is software testing domain and what to learn about agile testing

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