5S System Implementation (Step By Step Guide)

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In this course you are introduced to one of the basic tools in the Lean Manufacturing System which is the 5S System

Lean Manufacturing was created in Japan after world War II in Toyota and now it is an essential strategy in today’s competitive world

The interesting thing about 5S is , it is the foundation of implementing lean.

This course is not another course full of theories and definitions, it is a short course with complete practical steps to implement the system that you can implement TODAY if you want to improve your workplace and start the waste elimination journey.

After completing this course you will get all the skills and the tools you need to start implementing the system.

You will learn:

What is the 5S system

What is the benefits of implementing 5S

What are 5S elements

How to sort and use the red tag

How to set in order with many easy ideas to implement

How to shine to reach the world class level

How to standardize with ideas to implement

What is the difference between sustain and standardize and how to sustain

You will find tips and mistakes to avoid to make it easy for you to implement

You will also find 3 templates in the course resources that you can use during sorting , shining and sustaining.

Who this course is for:
Industrial Engineers
Production Engineers
Process Engineers
Operations Managers
Production Managers


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