21 steps to your future: make your own ready to go plan

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After these 21 steps you have found the peace to reflect on your life, you have the focus on the dream that you prefer to see come true and you have made a clear and practical plan, so that you can finally make this dream, full of inspiration and motivation, will realize.

Do you recognize this?

  • I lose a lot of energy to things that do not benefit me
  • I always give more than I get back
  • I have trouble focusing on 1 goal
  • I have no control over my life
  • I really want to do something different than what I do now
  • I’m not sure how to achieve goals
  • I just fail to take that step forward
  • I’m afraid it will fail again


You are in control of your life. You do exactly what gives you energy. You have a clear goal in mind. And you know exactly which steps you need to take to achieve that goal.

How much rest would that give you? And how sure would you be of the way in which you will achieve that goal? That is exactly what you will achieve with the 21 steps to your future.


In June, Inge challenged herself for three weeks and did the 21 steps. “I am amazed at the end result. It is as concrete as I had hoped, but really in a completely different direction than I expected. ”

The summary

  • a complete personal coaching program
  • walks to calm down, relax and gain new ideas
  • photo assignments that make you look at the world differently
  • assignments to reflect, dream and make a plan for your future
  • concrete end result: the plan for your future.
  • start when you want and decide own pace.
  • safe from your own home or holiday location.

Why walk?

Walking has a special effect on the brain. It calms your brain and neutralizes stress because walking uses those parts of the brain that produce stress hormones. Because of walking they are no longer able to do this. The outside air makes your brain function better. By walking in nature for a few days improve your intellectual capacity up to 50%. It also has a very positive effect on your mood.

Why photography?

Everyone sees the world differently and experiences situations differently. That’s because each person applies their own perspective. Through photography you can easily learn to to look at the world in a different way. For example by zooming in on the details or zooming out on the whole. If you are aware of the different perspectives, you can to make it easier to reach your goal. Because if you look through the eyes of a different teaching, you know exactly what it sees and drives differently.

After these 21 steps:

  • you have a solid plan for your future
  • you have a clear goal
  • you know what your focus is for the coming year
  • you only spend time on things that give energy
  • you have control over your life
  • you already made the first steps forward your dream

Take that step into your future now!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is valuable for everyone that want to work on their dream

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