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I’m super excited that you’re starting your journey to learn Python (2020 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python) .I know it’s sometimes tempting to just skip these intro lectures and go straight to technical materialbut I have one favor to ask of you as you go through this course and that is to please don’t skip thislecture.We’re going to cover a lot of important material in this lecture such as where to find the notebookshow to approach the course how to ask questions.So please watch this entire lecture.

That way you can get the best course taking experience possible.All right.Let’s not waste any of Morier time.And let’s get started.In this lecture we’re going to talk about useful tips for going through the course how to get help duringthe course.General advice on how to approach the course work to find the Course notebooks and how to use the studentchat channel.So some general tips as far as your course taking experience when you’re using the video player youcan use the gear setting to either speed up or slow down videos.

So if you’re like me and you like watching videos a little faster me me on to speed.You can use the gear setting for that.Or maybe English isn’t your first language.You can slow down the videos and you can also do things like turn on close captions or you can alsochange the streaming quality.You can use the app to download videos of the Course Lectures.And for more information on the to me app you can check out the to me support pages for it.Also make sure to use the Kewney forums.There’s lots of previous discussion available there to help answer any questions you may have.

Let’s talk about getting help in a little more detail.Let’s talk about the best series of steps to take when you have a question that arises why you’re taking the course(2020 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python) if it could in long videos.It’s sometimes really easy to make a typo which is why we provide course notebooks of explanatory textand the Python code for every single lecture.So if you ever get an error due to code that you thought you were following along with in the videoyou should double check your code against our course notebooks.You can always just download the notebooks directly and run the notebooks or copy and paste from thenotebooks themselves.That way you can make sure that your error isn’t due to some typo while you’re watching the video now.

Not every single question is going to be directly related to following along of our code.And if you do have a question sometimes a quick Google search or a stack overflow search will get youthe answer faster than anyone else could.So I would always recommend doing a Google search or stack overflow search especially if you actuallyend up getting an error code in Python.Maybe some of your own code that you were trying out just copy and paste the error code into Googleand a lot of times the very first hit is going to answer your question.Now let’s say that still doesn’t help you.

Well you should do is search our Kewney forms in the course we’ve had over a quarter of a million studentsgo through this course so you can almost imagine that any question possible has already been asked andanswered by either myself or our teaching assistants.You should definitely search the Kewney forums before posting there.Now let’s say I have a question on just general course things like how to get a certification or whetheryou to me is those kind of things are answered in our Efik Q lecturer.So we have an article lecture a frequently asked questions.You can check out for easeful links in more information.

2020 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python

Let’s say that all those steps and you’re still confused on something that’s absolutely no problem.We’re here to help you.The way to do that is to submit a new question.The Q A forums and make sure you provide details on what you’ve tried screenshots of your error codeand really as much detail as possible.That way we can help you as quickly as possible.Now let’s say you have some sort of platform level issue for those kind of things.You should email support at you to mean that com or go to the Eudemus support page and open a new issuethere.

So platform level issues are things like having video playback issues questions or issues of your certificationor questions or issues with payments.Those are platform level issues and we can’t really help you out.So e-mail support you to me dot com to quickly get help on that.Finally let’s talk about how to approach the course the best way to approach the course is to reallyreview the notebooks along with the video.The videos are really great but we want you to leverage the power of the notebooks we have for you andboth beginners and experienced users can really use the notebooks the best suit them.

For beginners I would recommend that you read the extra notes in the notebook as you go along for videoguide.If you’re more experienced what you may want to use notebooks for is to quickly review them and seewhich parts you may already know or may already quickly feel comfortable with.That way you don’t feel slowed down by the videos.So beginners really use the notebooks read them well go along with the video experienced users checkout the notebooks first and see if you really need the video or it allows you to maybe skip certainparts of video and go to where you need a little more drilling down in as far as his course notebooksthat we keep mentioning.

You should check your automated welcome message for the link to the notebooks later on we’re going toreview how to actually download and open them in the running Python code lecture these notebooks areactually a special file type meaning when you download them you’re not able to just double click themand have them open.We discuss in a lot more detail throughout the course on how to actually open these notebooks that you’vedownloaded the notebooks are hosted on get home though so you’ll be able to view them at anytime evenwithout downloading them.

2020 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python

The link to download them is also in our FNQ lecture.So either check your welcome message or go to the fake Q lecture for that link.Now let’s talk about the student chat channel.There’s also a link for our student chat channel and the automated welcome message to join our at thiscourt server.This is the chat channel that shared between all our courses (2020 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python) so you’ll be able to interact with studentslearning about data science finance Eskew Well our Skala and more in the automated welcome message.

There’s also a link to youtube video describing further information on how to use and log into our chatserver.It’s actually super easy but we have that YouTube video in case there’s any confusion something to keepin mind is that the purpose of that chat channel is to connect students with other students technicalquestions related to the course material are still best suited for a question or answer forums.So you should use that chat channel to have fun engage other students.

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But if you’re having problem with a lecture or a topic or concept in the actual course(2020 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python) those questionsare best suited for the question answer forums.Remember you can always search the question and answer forums for previously posted questions.All right.Last but not least a huge thank you for enrolling in this course.I’m humbled by all the students enrolled and I’m privileged to be your instructor for Python.OK let’s get started and take you from zero to hero.


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